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Why should your daily shampoo

Be Duallife’s ‘Damoae’?

Natural material: 91.8%

Herbal medicinal extracts: 53.9%
Natural Essential Oils
Natural surfactants
Acid balanced Shampoo 5.8ph

20 types of additives excluded

MIT / CMIT/ Artificial coloring/ Artificial flavor/ Triethanolamine/ Cellate surfactant/ Imidazolinyl urea/ Silicone/ Silicone/ Ethyl paraben/ Propyl paraben/ Butyl paraben/ Isopropyl paraben/ Isobutyl paraben/ Phenoxyethanol/ PEG/ Synthetic preservative/ Siloxane/ P-Hydroxybenzoic acid/ Mineral oils are not added as raw materials during the manufacturing.

Human body application test completed

Mitigation of hair loss
Anti-dandruff and Anti itching
Improves hair elasticity
Skin irritation proof (No side effects)


We found better ingredients than the four commonly used ingredients in anti-hair loss shampoo.

Based on the active ingredients extracted from pure natural plants and oriental herbal ingredients, our Damoae shampoos and tonics have been created through years of research at the Duallife Research Institute. Its main ingredient is Chungpi Ext. powder, the first product in Korea to be approved as a single natural substance, and the first product in Korea to be approved as a single substance for preventing hair loss.

After filing a patent in 2008 for Chungpi Ext. powder, a new natural ingredient that is not commonly used for anti-hair loss products, we upgraded and have launched the brand new Damoae Therapy Gold Shampoo. We will continue to make better products in future.


Damoae Therapy Gold Shampoo & Hair-tonic

Damoae Therapy Gold Shampoo It is a hair loss prevention shampoo using more than 60% natural herbal ingredients. It provides nutrition to the hair follicle, activates damaged cellular tissue, eliminates and prevents dandruff, nourishes the scalp, and relieves itching which ultimately helps maintain hair elasticity.

Damoae Therapy Gold Hair-tonic It contains more than 98% of various herbal ingredients which are considered good for your scalp. This hair-tonic helps to improve and maintain a healthy scalp while combatting hair thinning, hair loss, or issues of seborrheic scalp.


Company : Duallife Co., Ltd/ Location : 12 to 55 Biological Medicine Research Center in Hwasun County, South Jeolla Province / CEO : Kang Seong-sik / Business license number : 412-81-27370 E-mail : padory2580@naver.com / Tel : +82 61-373-7643 / Fax : +82 61-373-7642